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The Lego Batman Movie Review: two for two

The Lego Batman continues on from the critically acclaimed The LEGO Movie.

The Lego Batman movie is an adult look at lifelong loneliness, family and selflessness but also a film bursting with starburst-like colour and giddiness.

It can seem like, with the current Hollywood machine churning out franchises and intellectual properties without a moment’s notice, the Batman story has been overdone. Even people who hate movies, there are some of these heathens out there, are aware of the Batman origin story. They know the Joker is his greatest enemy, they know he has an English butler called Alfred and a sidekick called Robin. This story has been told and retold countless times. It is therefore a significant triumph that The Lego Batman Movie does it all again … but manages to innovate and entertain whilst doing so.

In place of the campy and uber serious Batmans of the past, we find a child-like one. A Batman, or Bruce Wayne, who really hasn’t aged mentally since the day his parents were murdered. It is this youthfulness that provides the butt of many jokes throughout but also the one that ties us, and empathy, to the character. For the first time, in a long time, I felt sorry for Batman and was actually rooting for his eventual, and bombastic, victory.

The Lego Movie sent one clear message across to audiences: anything goes – the same mantra is in affect here. The Lego Batman movie is a terrific mash up of everything from Doctor Who to Harry Potter to King Kong to Lord of the Rings. It is, at its core, a childish film.

The Lego Batman Movie captures the precious feeling of popping open the toy box, finding your favourite characters and mashing them together in a rip-roaring, dimension-jumping, ludicrously twisty and funny adventure.

Sometimes the funny falls flat on its face but, truth be told, this is a movie that entertained throughout.

Score: B+


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