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Donald Drumpf’s worst policy: fast-forwarding films

President-elect Donald Trump has admitted that he fast forwards through the 'talky' bits
President-elect Donald Trump has admitted that he fast forwards through the ‘talky’ bits

Donald Drumpf is the President of the United States of America. Whilst that top line might read like the scroll spearheading a big budgeted dystopian epic akin to The Hunger Games or Logan’s Run, the truth is far more frightening.

His policy’s range from building a wall between America and Mexico, pulling out of all foreign wars that America helped to exasperate, deporting illegal immigrants, punishing women for having abortions and allegedly putting muslims on a register. But perhaps his worst policy, and the one that gives us a concrete look at what lies behind the orange skin, is his notion of fast forwarding films to get to the meaty bits.

It is well know that the President-elect likes to skip past the ‘talky’ bits in movies to get to the meat and grind of it … the real world parallels are begging to be highlighted.

Drumpf’s Presidential campaign was bullet pointed with phrases such as ‘Something’s happening’ or ‘I am a great builder’ or ‘I have the best words’. It is abundantly clear that Drumpf’s fast forwarding agenda, horrendous as it appears, has forced the magnate to lose some much-needed vocabulary.

But that’s simply a footnote in the real issue here. The story goes a little something like this. Drumpf, flying high during a flight, decided that he wanted to watch Bloodsport. But wait, isn’t Bloodsport one of the longest movies ever made, clocking in at 92 arduous minutes long? You are correct disembodied voice coming from nowhere. To Drumpf’s dismay Bloodsport dared to be 2 minutes longer than the 90-minute threshold so he instructed his son to fast forward through the dialogue.

Not only is this proof that Drumpf doesn’t have the ‘stamina’ to press a button and fast forward through a film himself, it also highlights the worst quality in the President-elect: a lack of context.

Drumpf is a sound bite machine. No matter how much you hate him or love him, Drumpf can churn out a slogan or a motto with a snap of his tiny fingers. The problem, however, is that he doesn’t give us a good enough reason for the slogan.

‘Make America Great Again’ was often swiftly emphasised with ‘America is the Greatest Country in the World’. Is the hypocrisy not clear here?

Granted, it is totally inept and scandalous to even suggest that Drumpf’s policy of fast-forwarding through films is his worst. The man is a living and breathing contradiction thus his real policies are far more frightening.

But it is an essential avenue into his way of thinking. Instead of welcoming the dialogue, the story and the condiments that come with a fully fleshed out narrative, Drumpf barrels towards the bleeding meat and gobbles it up. He doesn’t care about how we got here, who thinks what or even how things have come to be. He only cares about the action, the now and the moment.

That sort of thinking is dangerous. The same way a movie laden with moments rather than context falls apart, is the same way a powerful man absent of context can fall apart.

Drumpf can very easily combat this by surrounding himself with some smart cookies who personify the essential dialogue to his subsequent action. But, if the rumours are to be believed, he’s chosen to go for the kooky rather than the cookies.


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