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Public Service Announcement: Watch Stranger Things on Netflix ASAP

A written post can be found below the video:

Now, here’s the thing, if you’re reading this to find out more about the intricacies of Stranger Things before you jump into the original series, then look away now. I am not going to tell you a damn thing about the story or what it’s about because I want you guys to feel what I felt when I started this series. I didn’t know anything and the show was and still is amazing as a result.

Treat this like it belongs to J.J. Abrams mystery box and you will find yourself thoroughly entertained for the entire series.

Having said that, I can talk to you about some comparisons. A lot of people are comparing Stranger Things to things like Stand By Me, a lot of Stephen King novels and Spielberg films like E.T. and The Goonies. I think the best comparison would be this: Stranger Things is a more well thought out and smoother version of J.J. Abrams Super 8 and I loved Super 8.

What Super 8 did was pay homage to Steven Spielberg’s brand of storytelling through the eyes of excited and adventurous children on the cusp of puberty but some felt the monster fell by the wayside whilst plot holes were never addressed. As of now, and this is just the first season, Stranger Things takes Super 8 and tells a similar story with the same cast chemistry but with a lot more polish and a lot more nostalgia.

The mark of a good show is when the child actors and the children on the show are just as good as the adults. TV these days just casts really bad child actors that are very robotic in their delivery and then make them stupid because, you know, kids are stupid.

When in actuality, kids are so damn smart. I am constantly being talked back to by my younger siblings and being left reeling to pick up the pieces after a zinger or a punchline. But it seems like 99% of television writers have yet to encounter a child.

I only have to list Zach and Carl from The Strain and The Walking Dead as examples of kids that don’t exist in real life.

But not Stranger Things. The kids in Stranger Things are fantastic. The best way to describe their performance is real. They’re fun, they’re smart and they feel like they’re actual friends being thrust into this story. It feels like we, as an audience, have jumped into the world of these kids who have been friends for years. I’m sure the actors grew close whilst filming Stranger Things but it feels like they’ve been together since nursery.

Nevertheless, Stranger Things is fantastic, the music, the acting, the story, the way its shot and its ambition is great and it is the best Netflix original in years.

If you’re a fan of Spielberg, of Stephen King, of JJ Abrams or just a fan of good television, you have to watch Stranger Things right now, before it gets spoiled for you.


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