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The ignored diversity of Suicide Squad

Today I wanted to talk to you about something no one else is talking about: Suicide Squad, more specifically how diverse this cast of villains is.

Let’s just run through the main cast and the prominent supporting roles to see who’s in this film:

  • You’ve got a white woman, Margot Robbie, playing Harley Quinn.
  • A black man who looks a lot like Will Smith playing Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot.
  • Another white woman, Cara Delevingne, playing the mystical Enchantress.
  • Karen Fukuhara playing the emotionally damaged and Asian Katana.
  • An extremely gorgeous white man, Jared Leto, playing the joker.
  • A black man, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, playing a whole different species of man as Killer Croc.
  • An Australian white man, Jai Courtney, playing the typical Australian dude in Boomerang.
  • Another white guy by the name of Joel Kinnaman as the stoic Rick Flagg.
  • Viola Davis is playing a powerful black woman, Amanda Waller, controlling the whole team.
  • Another black man, Common, is playing some tattooed guy who interacts with the Joker at some point.
  • Then we’ve got a straight up latino character with a skull for a face.
  • And whatever race Slipknot (Adam Beach) is supposed to be.

Suicide Squad

Of the 12 characters listed, who one gathers to be the main ensemble of Suicide Squad, 4 are female. But where are all the feminists cheering on Ghostbusters when it comes to Suicide Squad?

Of the 12 characters listed, 6 are minorities, and like I said, I have no idea what this Slipknot is supposed to be.

Suicide Squad has been a divisive film with some eagerly anticipating this weird film, whilst others are constantly bashing the film because, for some reason, it makes them feel better.

But one cannot deny that the casting directors, the director himself and the studio have done a good job in representing a wide range of genders, ethnicities and even species.

But … no ones talking about it. And that’s fine. The best answer as to why no one is talking about the diversity of the cast can be found below:


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