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Say is quietly … but can we be optimistic about Justice League?

Recently, every single movie news website, that focused heavily on the reception and fallout from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, was invited to the set of DC Comics and Warner Bros. Justice League picture. It may not have actually been every site, but it sure seemed like it.

The purpose of the invite, as was evident and clear from the get go, was to show these reporters, cynics, fans and journalists that DC Comics and Warner Bros were quickly restructuring and shifting the tone on their budding DC cinematic universe.

Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice 'WhoWillWin' poster

There was no point hiding their intentions so Warner Bros told those invited that they could report on this set visit whilst the film was still in production. Now, this never happens. Often, set visit reports, interviews and findings are placed under embargo or put on hold until nearer the film’s release. The problem? Justice League’s release is over a year away and Warner Bros needs to change their public image following the general negative reaction towards Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

And before we continue with this post, let me just let you guys know; I liked Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice … for the most part. For me, the positives and sheer fact that these two heroes were seen in the same frame outweighed the negatives. This may be a mark against my impartial name but hey, it’s Batman and it’s Superman; it’s the heroes I looked up to when I was growing up.

Nevertheless, the point of this PR move was just that – get people shifting focus from their disappointment in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and towards a more hopeful Justice League.

DC Films Presents - The Dawn of the Justice League concept art

Generally, the reports, from 99% of the sites, seem to indicate that Justice League feels different. The word that is being used the most, and this was expected, was the word ‘fun’. Posts are detailing vibrant scenes between Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen, a rooftop sequence featuring much of the League with J.K. Simmons’ Commissioner Gordon and shock that these characters are actually smiling in exchanges with each other.

The general feeling is one of hope, optimism and enthusiasm. So when I titled this post ‘Looking forward to Justice League’, I took in all these posts, watched all the videos and ingested all this information and came to a conclusion: why not look forward to Justice League?

I know the Internet likes to be pessimistic and shit on everything they can get their touch-typing fingers wrapped around, one has been guilty of the aforementioned crime, but we’ve had one blip. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may be considered a big blip by some but it’s still one movie. After all, Marvel recovered pretty damn well from Iron Man 2. And I don’t care what people say, Man of Steel is a glorious Superman movie.

So, one is looking forward to Justice League. Critics who laughed and berated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are on board for Justice League after a couple of days on set. And you have to hand it to Warner Bros. for taking their image into their own hands. If you’re not looking forward to Justice League for the film, look forward to it because it seems like Warner Bros is finally thinking smart.


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