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Now is the perfect time for Jason Bourne

Despite calling the idea of a fourth Jason Bourne film silly to a point where it should be titled ‘The Bourne Redundancy’, Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon will return to the beloved spy franchise, at the perfect time.

The current political climate – one in which whistle-blowers are brimming out of every society and sensitive documents are being leaked – provides the perfect environment for Jason Bourne to come back and parallel the real world.

Jason Bourne Trailer Screengrab 1

Greengrass has always been a director that works best with tangible and harsh material and with Jason Bourne the experienced director can do fun but important things. The first trailer already hints at connections to Snowden and the Panama Papers fiasco will only strengthen the aforementioned links.

Jason Bourne Trailer Screengrab 2

The hardest aspect for Greengrass and Jason Bourne is making the character relatable and big enough in a movie industry brimming with larger-than-life action. Inside reports from the film claim that the production shut down the Las Vegas strip for days in a bid to film a monumental car chase to end all car chases. Well, as long as Greengrass doesn’t hamper the action with relentlessly shaky camera work and consecutive shots in which the frame pushes against an actor’s skin, then we may actually get an action sequence that musters a reaction from this already action-satisfied viewing public.

If you can look past the horrible title – studios love breaking up patterns and hurting my OCD – Jason Bourne could not only give us a politically charged action film – in the vain of Captain America: The Winter Soldier – but remind everyone that the character still has a lot of story to tell. We still don’t really know where he comes from, who he is, what he has been tasked to do and where all this began in the first place.

Audiences were left wanting after Jeremy Renner’s The Bourne Legacy – I has no issue with the film despite paling in comparison to Bourne’s instalments – so a healthy does of Jason Bourne should put them right back in the mood.

Jason Bourne Trailer Screengrab 3

Furthermore, one cant help but get the feeling that audiences will eat up a smaller hand-to-hand film amidst all the grandiose action of say Batman v Superman, Civil War, Doctor Strange, X-Men: Apocalypse. It could provide audiences with a Bond-like fix, which is ironic considering the major influence of The Bourne Identity on Casino Royale and all the Daniel Craig Bond films that followed it.

Now really is the perfect time for Jason Bourne; politically and thematically within the action genre.

Jason Bourne will hit theatres on 29th July 2016.

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