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Justice League vs Teen Titans Review: solid if tame

Justice League vs Teen Titans, the pseudo-sequel to Batman: Bad Blood, is a solid if tame animated offering from WB and DC animation that gets its characters right but doesn’t do anything new or engaging.

Piggy-backing off Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s confrontational narrative, Justice League vs Teen Titans follows Damian Wayne aka Robin as he is sent to work with the Titans after his explosive personality disagrees with the Justice League. But he is soon called into action, when the Justice League is possessed by an interstellar demon called Trigon.

Animation – C

If you’ve seen Son of Batman, Justice League War, Throne of Atlantis and Batman: Bad Blood, you can expect the same style of animation from Justice League vs Teen Titans. The animation is smooth, inventive and slick throughout with a few minor mistakes and iffy transitions that don’t quite work that well.

Garfield Logan aka Beast Boy’s powers in particular are extremely iffy and the faded transitions between his transformations into different animal types looks like concept art that didn’t really get realised professionally on the bog screen. For instance, Beast Boy transforming between a lion and elephant is a slow frame-by-frame change that makes a huge jump half way through. It needed to be a blended gradient that worked seamlessly but the finished product was not up to snuff.

Aside from this, Justice League vs Teen Titans leaves in a few mistakes, watch Robin’s bloody face after he fights Blue Beetle, and a few lame designs that could have otherwise been tightened up and cleaned up.

Story – D+

Justice League vs Teen Titans follows Damian Wayne, who we met in Son of Batman, and continues his progression. Its interesting to see where they take the character with this film but the film was definitely juggling far too many heroes to make his eventual triumph slightly tame.

The most interesting character in the film is Raven and that is the intended purpose; she is the true hidden protagonist of Justice League vs Teen Titans. She’s got majority of the screen time and brings interesting visuals along with her.

However, a fundamental problem with Justice League vs Teen Titans and all these new WB/DC animation films that exist in the same universe, is the rather simplistic style and structure. Due to its short running time, we never get to spend time with new characters and before long their story is over before it ever really started.

Justice League vs Teen Titans is yet another solid and decent instalment in the current stable of DC animations from Warner Bros animation. And whilst it never really feels like anything of worth, it is a suitable and easily digestible time sink.

Score – C


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