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Batman: Bad Blood Review: decent animated offering

Batman: Bad Blood is a thoroughly entertaining animated instalment from the DC universe but whilst it attempts new, exciting and progressive arcs with its characters and its story, it doesn’t have that goosebump-inducing feeling Batman inherently needs to succeed as a character.

Batman: Bad Blood follows Nightwing, Batwoman, Damian Wayne’s Robin and Batwing as they investigate the disappearance of Batman. What they unravel is a conspiracy and plan that rocks the Bat family off its perch.

The Story – C+

If I’m not mistaken, I think Batman: Bad Blood is an original story. Besides, it feels like it. It does interesting and new things with the characters but also retains that classic Batman feel. Alfred isn’t a pushover, he gets dirty. Damian Wayne is a regular little firework, capable of exploding at any moment. Dick Grayson still wrestles with the shadow of Batman. The villain, The Heretic, is an interesting twist on villainy and when his identity is revealed we unravel an even more interesting story. But the highlight of the film is Kathy Kane aka Batwoman. I love that she is openly lesbian in this film and that the film drops it casually. It drops the revelation with no fan fare or focus instead option to showcase it like a real relationship that’s accepted and normal.

Having said that it ends and flows through at an uneven pace never finding itself. One moment it is an action packed Batman film but in the next it is a character study. Nothing is wrong with that but if the thread through them doesn’t hold then it falls apart. And in some cases, Batman: Bad Blood falls apart.

The Animation – B

DC’s animated library is fantastic. They continue to churn out great animations, with varying narrative quality, and Batman: Bad Blood is no different. The fighting and rapid movements in the animation are really well done. The detail is well done and nothing really feels out of place.

If you have a short hour to burn then Batman: Bad Blood is a healthy option. It throws in entertainment, progressive storytelling and boasts typically great DC animation. Its pacing is off and on occasion really loses its interest in the story its trying to tell.

Score – C+


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