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Lazer Team Review: fanboy fun for some

Lazer Team certainly isn’t for everyone but those connected to its creators and its inherent need to reference classic sci-fi comedies will find laughs, smiles and grins at this budding digital phenomenon.

From online personalities Roosterteeth, Lazer Team sees four has-beens and losers shoot a spaceship out of the sky. They sift through the debris and fittingly find four pieces of armour, sent by an alien race for the Champion of Earth. But this rag tag band of losers are anything but champions.

Lazer Team is an admirable first venture from a short-length narrative filmmaker into the feature-length format. It has its fair share of laughs, if you can spot the inside jokes, and heartfelt moments. Whilst some characters are simply punch lines and one-line deliverers, others are anything but basic.

Burnie Burns shines as washed up college football star Hagan opposite the hammy Michael Jones as Zach, Gavin Free as Woody and Key & Peele writer turned actor Colton Dunne as Herman. Burns’ Hagan is the father and leader of the team and his dynamic with Herman in particular works extremely well.

The intrinsic problem with Lazer Team is its need to rely on inside jokes. Lazer Team features countless cameos from online personalities from outside and within Roosterteeth. Fans of Roosterteeth will find these satisfying and laugh their faces off but for the average audience it will probably fly over their heads.

Having said that, I am one of those Roosterteeth fans and I couldn’t be happier. I loved the lengths the film went to satisfy its core audience. But it also produced fun moments away from its inside jokes.

One also found the visual effects and quality for this low-budgeted film amazing compared to other studio blockbusters. The Lazer Team suits looked great, the Warg looked cool and the team working in unison was fulfilling every time.

Lazer Team ends by teasing a sequel and whilst it may not get one, I am hoping, secretly, that it does. I like these characters and the off-screen characters behind the on-screen characters.

Now that Roosterteeth has proved that they can produce feature length movies with an ambitious start, we should be excited for the future. More projects like this could be on the way and they will certainly learn from these experiences.

Score – C


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