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The Ridiculous 6 Review: skip this one, fast

Following the woefully disgraceful ‘Pixels’, Adam Sandler returns to absolute mediocrity with the 2 hour long Netflix exclusive feature film, The Ridiculous 6, which clocks in at 2 hours too long.

The Ridiculous 6 follows Adam Sandler’s Tommy Stockburn aka White Knife as he attempts to save his estranged father, played by Nick Nolte, from the grasps of a murderous gang. Along his tortuous, for us not him, journey through the Old West, White Knife inconsequentially meets five more equally offensive half-brothers in a misogynistic and racist take on ‘The Magnificent Seven’.

The Ridiculous 6 was already mired by racism and criticism following the news that numerous Native American extras and actors walked off the set due to discriminatory scenes and lines. Netflix defended Sandler, who will produce more exclusive films for the online platform, siting the film as a ‘satire’. It is not.

The Ridiculous 6 is offensive and grotesque in every way possible. It attacks the Native American people with characters called ‘Wears no bra’, ‘Beaver Breath’ and ‘Smoking Fox’. It attacks disabled individuals with horrible slapstick characters like Jorge Garcia’s Herm and Taylor Lautner’s Lil’ Pete. It attacks the Hispanic community with Rob Schneider in what can only be seen as a borderline blackface performance. Rob Schneider alone is a plague on comedy but dressing him as Mexican bastard constantly ushering a constipated arse around the ‘story’ is a full frontal attack on cinema.

Adam Sandler employs his usual brand on non-acting as he both writes and walks through a film so loosely connected in its plots and characters that you wonder if a writer or editor was even hired for this garbage.

This is a film that thinks its audience will laugh as poop jokes, a Vanilla Ice iteration of Mark Twain and a whole host of racial caricatures.

What’s more insulting is the appearance of real actors like Steve Buscemi, Harvey Keitel, John Turturro and Nick Nolte. Yet it appears as these respected actors took the project as a ‘cheque-please’ job in preparation for a real role that features some semblance of talent or worth. At least Nolte brings something to his naturally gravelly-voice character, whilst we are left to spend the better part of 2 hours with Adam Sandler’s accent-shifting protagonist and Taylor Lautner’s donkey humping simple man.

What’s frightening is that The Ridiculous 6 is but the calm before the storm, Netflix has ordered three more films from the ‘mind’ of Adam Sandler. So ready your monthly subscription fee for more rectal ‘jokes’, distasteful characters and money-wasting black holes like The Ridiculous 6.

Score – D


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