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5 actors that could play Iron First

TV: 5 actors that could play Iron First

Marvel’s Netflix series are in full force with Daredevil season one earning rave reviews, Jessica Jones coming and Luke Cage filming. But we have yet to hear anything about Danny Rand aka Iron Fist. Despite a ludicrous rumour that Netflix and Marvel have cancelled Iron Fist, it is going ahead. So who should Marvel cast as Danny Rand? Lets look at a few possibilities and fancasts.

Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Smith is a star teetering on the brink of exploding. Many thought his Doctor Who departure would finally see him break out in America and hit the Hollywood big time. Alas, Smith decided on a role in Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut ‘Lost River’ and he never really got moving. He also bagged a highly secretive role in the surprisingly okay Terminator: Genisys where he was pretty damn good. But he hasn’t had that meaty role yet. There’s a few reasons I think Smith would be perfect for the role. His talent and aptitude for leading a series is already proven but it is his existing link with Netflix that sways me – he stars in the upcoming Netflix series ‘The Crown’, in which he stars opposite John Lithgow. Should Smith actually join the MCU it would mark the addition of every New Who Doctor into the MCU aside from Peter Capaldi – Christopher Eccleston appeared as Malekith in Thor: The Dark World and David Tennant will play Zebadiah Killgrave aka The Purple Man in Jessica Jones.

Ryan Phillippe

Ryan Phillipe and Iron Fist

This casting has a little backstory to it. During an interview, the Cruel Intentions star revealed that has a meeting scheduled with Marvel. The revelation instantly had fans casting Phillippe as Danny Rand. But we have yet to hear anything else since Phillippe’s admission. However, perhaps Phillippe did meet with Marvel and did indeed bag the role of Danny Rand. And maybe, just maybe, Phillippe will make a surprise cameo as Danny Rand in an upcoming Netflix series. The reason Phillippe works well, aside from looking like the character, is he fits the Marvel bill. Marvel likes to cast actors that are either has-beens, easy to tie down or in a lull. They take names like Charlie Cox, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr. and make them into household names and leading Hollywood stars. Phillippe could very easily play Iron Fist.

Jensen Ackles


If Marvel wants to explode Tumblr and every fangirl on earth they could cast Supernatural and Smallville star Jensen Ackles as Danny Rand. Marvel will be looking for a certified television star for their series and Ackles fits the build. He’s a painfully good-looking guy and has the charisma to lead his own series. He’s physically built and would look good in a superhero costume. Indeed, fans have been fan casting him as Jason Todd aka Red Hood for years but Marvel grabbing him first could be a minor coup. The only reason I don’t think Ackles is in contention at all is his work on Supernatural. That particular series is still running and could pose scheduling conflicts should Marvel decide to approach Ackles. But if they do bag him, Marvel will bag a horde of rabid female viewers.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron

There was a very, very small rumour that Zac Efron had met with Marvel sometime last year. The internet immediately fell into crisis as they imagined a Marvel musical with Efron at its lead. But I found myself separated, happy that a blossoming talent like Efron was getting the attention he deserves. Efron is the perfect mould for a Hollywood star. He’s handsome, he’s build and he has obvious talent. He is improving with every role and a serious, dark performance in Iron Fist could finally enamor him to reluctant audiences.

Scott Adkins

Scott Adkins

If the Daredevil series is any indication then Iron Fist will take martial artist stunts and sequences to another level. Matt Murdock may be a talented martial artist master but Danny Rand is on another level. So why not cast an actual martial artist as Danny Rand? Adkins is not known for his acting but neither was Channing Tatum. If you give Adkins legitimate actors to act opposite and learn from, he could surprise us and give us something really special. Indeed, casting Adkins as Danny Rand would make it much easier for the Marvel stunt choreographers to do their jobs. It also helps that Adkins looks the part. He’s handsome, he’s built, he has a strong jaw and he looks like a comic book character. Some fans may have wanted Adkins to play Batman but Iron Fist may be a good alternative.


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