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Who is Arrow’s Damian Darhk?

Damien Darhk

The CW superhero series are very good at taking characters and flipping them on their head. In The Flash, Harrison Wells actually transpires to be Eobard Thawne. In Arrow, the Black Archer is revealed to be Malcolm Merlin. So who exactly is Damian Darhk?

Some theories are making their way online as to who Damian Darhk could be. After his powerful and intriguing introduction in the Arrow season four premiere, speculation and talk has been rife surrounding Damian Darhk. So lets look at the possibilities.

Damian Smoak

Felicity Smoak

There is a funny but believable rumour circulating that Damian Darhk may actually be Felicity Smoak’s estranged father. We’ve met Felicity’s buxom mother already but her father has always remained a secret. With the premiere concluding with a flash forward alluding to Felicity’s death, Darhk killing Felicity would transform the series into a deeply personal feud. The theory also has the added benefit of Neal McDonough looking a lot like Emily Bett Rickard’s Felicity Smoak. He could, physically, be seen as her father. Some have decried this theory because it focuses too much on Felicity but I don’t mind. Felicity has been and has the potential to be one of the strongest characters on the show. Literally making her the crux of the conflict can only bode well for the future of season four.

Damian Darhk

Neal McDonough and Damien Darhk

The reason Damian Darhk was picked by the Arrow writers is his anonymity. In his entire history, Damian Darhk has only appeared in five Batman comics. In those comics, Darhk appeared as the leader of HIVE as well as the rival and one time best friend of Ra’s Al Ghul. Essentially, his appearance in Arrow, at least initially, is very similar to the comic book iteration. However, the addition of force like powers and voodoo magic has opened up the possibilities for Darhk. With Darhk, the Arrow writers essentially have a clean slate and can do whatever they want. Darhk can be the HIVE leader from the comics but also any villain they want him to be. He is the season’s wildcard and that is tantalising. What’s exciting about keeping him a HIVE leader is the links with Deathstroke and Deadshot. Deadshot and Deathstroke are on HIVE’s radar and could reappear this season. But what’s even better is the possibility of seeing Deathstroke’s son, Ravager, pop up somewhere down the line. In season one, Slade claims he has a son. Could that son pop up as Damian Darhk’s right hand man?

Damian Wayne

Damian Wayne

When Arrow announced that their season four big bad would be Damian, fans rushed to conclusions of Damian Wayne. Later it was revealed to be Damian Darhk, the elusive HIVE leader. However, this still has many speculating that Damian Darhk could actually be an alternative version of Damian Wayne. Look, The CW will never be able to say Batman or Wayne straight up. Fox’s Gotham and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice have its hands tied. The shows will make little in jokes and easter eggs towards Batman but you’ll never see Bruce Wayne or the Batman. But could they use an alternative version of Damian Wayne? One that has powers and is much older than we have ever seen before? For me, this is too big of a stretch to play out well in Arrow but its fun speculation nonetheless.

Doctor Darrk

Doctor Darrk

Another theory claims that Damian Darhk is an amalgamation of Damian Darhk and Doctor Darrk. Doctor Darrk is yet another member of the League of Assassins commanded by Ra’s Al Ghul to head his own band of assassins. Darrk was known for his manipulation, meticulous planning and death traps. From what we’ve seen of Darhk in the season four premiere, he’s certainly meticulous and manipulative. It is possible that Darhk is a fusion of Doctor Darrk and Damien Darhk. This wouldn’t be much of a reveal or a twist like most believe it to be but it would be a smart move to add more natural layers to the mysterious character.

Vandal Savage’s lackey

Casper Crump and Vandal Savage

We know that Vandal Savage will appear in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Casper Crump will be portraying the immortal villain but could Damian Darhk have a connection with Vandal Savage? In the comics, Savage actually ends up killing Darhk, so there is a connection. However, in the premiere, Darhk reveals that he represents an organisation that wants Star City to die. If Darhk is representing an organisation, could Savage head the organisation? Savage wants to take over the world. He has been trying to do so for thousands of years. It is possible that Savage actually set up HIVE to take out the heroes, making it easier for him to take the throne. This would generate a link to Legends of Tomorrow and tie the whole shared small screen universe together.


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