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Who’s the next James Bond now?

Damien Lewis

For about a year now, the internet has been awash with speculation and fancasts for the next James Bond. After the finality and climactic feel of Skyfall, many assumed that Daniel Craig, who’s pushing 47 now, would hand up the 007 name after Spectre. This has led to many names like Henry Cavill – who was once touted as the next James Bond – Idris Elba, Damien Lewis and Dominic Cooper being bandied about for the next James Bond. Or should that be Bond-ied about?

The speculation has heightened to fever pitch again as bookmakers slash the odds on Homeland star Damien Lewis being the next 007. If Lewis does get cast then perhaps the extremist redheaded nation will lay down their homemade explosives and worship at the feet of Lewis rather than kill Prince Charles to ascend Prince Harry to the throne. Lewis is a perfectly good choice for James Bond. He can do action, he can act and he’s British. I would have no qualms if the next James Bond were Damien Lewis, no matter how much I hate Homeland – overrated load of garbage.

Idris Elba as James Bond fan art

The name Idris Elba has been bandied about for the role of James Bond for what feels like years now. It has gotten to the stage where some people have begun to take it as official news but people forget that Elba has never been cast. Elba has spoken on the role claiming that if people want something hard enough, it may happen. Alas, our dreams, yes I’m an Elba fanboy, have not been answered.

Henry Cavill also shot into the frame after the well received The Man from UNCLE saw Cavill play a suave womanising secret spy who likes to drink and kill people. Cavill has essentially already played Bond so I would have no qualms here either. I actually think that Cavill is an underrated actor. Some people like to shit on his Superman performance but he’s actually very good and strong in a title role that many others have failed to make their own.

Daniel Craig

Now with names like Idris Elba, Damien Lewis and Henry Cavill being bond-ied about for the next 007, people seem to have forgotten one thing; Daniel Craig is still contracted to do one more Bond film after Spectre. This is a very important aspect many people forget about. It all makes sense when you look at it. Skyfall is very different from all the other Bond films Daniel Craig has been in. It was paradoxical in a way that it ended the M storyline but started a new M storyline. Spectre is a definite continuation of that. A third film would round out that pseudo-trilogy and add a full stop to Craig’s tenure as James Bond. So lets just say Craig is Bond for another three years. That would allow him to leave the lucrative franchise at a rounded 50 years old. By then I guarantee that Lewis and Elba wont even be in the frame for the 007 hot seat. Cavill will still be young enough but juggling both Superman – the American hero – with James Bond – the British hero – may be a little too much for his schedule.

The point is that the next James Bond is still a long way off. MGM and Daniel Craig could turn around after Spectre and say that Craig is leaving, which would throw the aforementioned names back into the hat, but Craig is so bankable I doubt this will be the case.

So lets calm down those Aston Martins, watch Spectre and revel in the brilliant rendition of James Bond Daniel Craig has given us.

Spectre will hit theatres on October 26th 2015.


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