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Inside Out Review: ripped me apart inside out

Film: Inside Out – ripped me apart inside out

Inside Out may be the best film I’ve seen all year. It may also be one of the best films I have seen in the past five years. And it just might be one of the best films I have ever seen.

Inside Out follows young Riley Anderson and her emotions. Leading a relatively joyful life in Minnesota with her mother and father, Riley seems like the happiest girl on earth. But one day, Riley’s family moves to San Francisco. She struggles to adapt to a new city, a new school and new friends and the emotional explosion that comes from that is both heart wrenching and beautifully childish.

The medium of animation is boundless. Animators painstakingly draw each and every movement, every rig and every facial expression for hours and hours all to make us cry, laugh and scowl. Inside Out is a masterpiece that can make you bawl one minute, laugh your belly into pain the next and still have you biting your nails throughout. The animation is photo-realistically illustrated but teeming with bright and vivid strokes that envelope you and comfort you when you fall for this film’s endearing characters.

Not often does one watch an animated movie and feel tension – only the best can achieve anxiety. But watching Inside Out not only made me feel uneasy in its climax but also in its premise. It makes you feel every emotion: sadness, joy, disgust, fear and anger. At the height of its plot, Inside Out explores sadness, betrayal and the feeling of pure loss, themes everyone in the audience – parent or child – has felt at some point in their life. A perfect barometer and indicator for the artistry of Inside Out is how it made me cry with a character called ‘Bing Bong’. ‘Bing Bong’ just happens to be an imaginary character made from candyfloss, elephant limbs, dolphin sounds and whatever else a young girl loves and he made me cry. I cried at a sentient candyfloss. Yes, Inside Out is that good.

But I would be remiss if I don’t mention the laughs. There are laughs throughout, smart and silly, and it never ever lets go. It isn’t afraid to pull the funny face card nor does it shy from mind bending de ja vu jokes. The screenplay is brilliant. It is a heartwarming animation that pulls no punches in its ideals and none whatsoever in its brilliant animation. The world inside Riley’s head is vast and imaginative and you never feel like you’re trapped in a tiny head.

Being a Pixar film, reviews will undoubtedly stray into comparison with the company’s other films. Without a doubt Inside Out is up there. It may be in the top three Pixar films of all time. I would rank it up there with Toy Story 3, Monsters Inc. and The Incredibles.

Go watch Inside Out. I wouldn’t be surprised if its not only nominated for the Best Animated Film at the Oscars but also Best Motion Picture. It is a film that will be talked about and loved for decades to come. Pixar has yet another monumental and iconic story to add to its lucrative library.

Score – A+


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