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Ted 2 Review: stupid and weird

Film: Ted 2 – stupid and weird

Seth MacFarlane may have hit a huge miss at the box office and the comedy department with ‘A Million Ways to die in the West’ but with Ted 2 he returns to previously successful grounds.

Ted still remains the highest grossing R-rated comedy of all time and MacFarlane is certain more comfortable cuddling his delightfully rude sentient teddy bear. Ted found itself mired by crude toilet humour and increasingly replayed beats and jokes from family Guy and it is much of the same here.

Ted 2 retains the disgusting humour and no holds barred comedy from its first installment whilst adding to the oddness with substantial pop culture references and callbacks to MacFarlane’s youth.

I want to say I didn’t enjoy the film but that would be a lie. There are moments and characters in particular that have such good lines, delivering and timing that you cant help but laugh in the cinema. To be a good comedy you need to have five long laughs and Ted 2 had just that. It is by no means one of the best comedies ever made and it knows it will not be.

Physical comedy is a plenty and real life problems painted in a light and fluffy aura is always welcome. At points Ted 2 does become a little too self indulgent and American and as a result it will lose some international laughs.

Ted 2 is the rude cousin that visits every so often. Its funny and it presses all the buttons but you have to meet it and greet it in small doses and pills.

MacFarlane’s strand of comedy has never interested me as much but his decision to imbed geek culture chuckles, small celebrity cameos and recurring sight gags saves what would have been an otherwise forgetful sequel.

Score – D+


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