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50/50 Review – Should have been great

I may be a little late to the cancerous party on this particular title but as they say – better late than never.

For years and years I have wondered where the unannounced unexplainable love and fandom for Joseph Gordon Levitt sprung from. He was a supporting character in The Dark Knight Rises and Inception and gave a damn good Bruce Willis impersonation in Looper but was he worth the hype? Watch 50/50 and you’ll be eating words like I have done.

Levitt manages to emit the perfect frequency of anger, confusion and dejection without trying too hard. It does help that he acts opposite the vivid and chuckling Seth Rogen which only makes his plight and hardships all that greater.

50/50 is a damn good film with likeable and killable characters but its subject matter is one that demanded a great film. Admittedly, 50/50 does make you tear up, laugh and seethe with anger but it is never classified as great – like it should have been and this is because it has a few problems.

The script, for the most part, is well written but wholly predictable. It uses tropes like generating empathy through betrayal and family problems whilst interjecting comedy in scenes it should not touch with a mile long pole. Having said that the performances steal the show.

You will come out of 50/50 not with a new outlook on life and death but rather an appreciation for your friends and your family. Having had such a hard time with my friends and family over the past year it is a story that resonates and clicks with me. It is a film that must be watched, laughed at and bathed in.

Score – B


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