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Jurassic World Review: spurts of nostalgia

Film: Jurassic World Review – spurts of nostalgia

Jurassic World is much like your first few days at the gym. It begins extremely slowly, with terrible mistakes, wrong steps and all the wring moves but as you becomes more and more engrossed in your workout you become toned, thorough and you start enjoying yourself. Before long Jurassic World – and your workout if you go to the gym – becomes a torrent of adrenaline, fun and excitement with an extremely satisfying aftertaste.

In truth, Jurassic World is a melodrama with poorly written characters and sequences with hints and undertones of misogynistic and sexist language saved by bright vivid spurts of nostalgia.

Normally it would be unforgiveable to look over minor sexist imagery and characters but we must remember that at the end of the day the females are extremely strong and even save the day whilst the males also hold a strong footing.

However, gender politics are minute in the shadow of dinosaurs and genetic manipulations. The cartoon-like characters are continuously veered away from dinosaur imagery and a conveniently new DNA strain for the all-powerful Indominus Rex.

And do you know what? The dinosaurs aren’t my favourite things about this film. The best thing about this film is its reluctance to accept the current trend of doom and gloom, to take the idea of grit and reality and confine it to scenes that make sense. The film is not afraid to lighten the mood in the midst of chaos and destruction because it knows memories of Steven Spielberg’s instant classic will well up childhood emotions of flares, dinosaur poop and terrifying kitchen sequences – it isn’t sexist if it actually happened.

Score – C+


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