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Insidious Chapter 3 Review: stupid characters, great threat

Western horror relies on eerily long silences of vacuous proportions interjected with sharp or subtle jump scares that have the faint-hearted gripping their seats and hiding being there fingers, peeking at the uncanny valley. Insidious Chapter 3 is much of the same.

It is a generic horror feature that does exactly what it says on the tin. The film had me jumping, gripping my kneecaps and muttering to myself a few times sometimes out of anger and sometimes out of fright.

Insidious, like all other modern horrors, neglect the idea of clever characters. Instead they opt for stupid characters that make nonsensical decisions with, what I can only guess is, the intention to put everyone in danger. You will no doubt angrily nudge your cinema buddy and reassess what you’d do in situations instead but you’ll find said moments interspersed with jumps and jitters as the film’s main villain comes to the fore.

The idea of a man who cant breathe is one that terrified me. Not only was the character design brilliant, being slumped with slime and goo, the use of his facets is one that aided the film brilliantly. The slow panning of the camera alongside the dark black footsteps was nerve-racking and cowering. The pull up towards the walls and the cutbacks are slow, effective and of the norm.

The breathless man holds all our greatest fears in his character design. He is a villain that has lost all form, all mind and developed into an entity that frighten beyond understanding: one that hunts for fun not for necessity.

I do like the family aspect but the existence of a younger brother was rather unnecessary and distracting. Other problems include misplaced comedy and poorly written characters but the film is shot well, does the job and leaves you checking behind you on your walk home.

Score – C-


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