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Are Warner Bros and DC Films showing us too much?

Recently, after watching another great episode of AMC Mail Bag on YouTube, I had my interest peaked by one particular question: Is DC showing us too much?

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Banner

This of course refers to the copious amount of story leaks, comments and images released pertaining to feature films that are still over a year away and in some cases haven’t even started filming yet.

As always, this being DC and comic book related, there is a tendency to compare DC’s marketing strategy with that of Marvel. Some will say Marvel tease whilst DC shows. Whilst this may be correct to disregard one strategy over the other is to be narrow-minded.

We must remember that whilst DC are showing us a lot – costumes, characters and cameos – they are in the process of crafting a shared universe. Marvel don’t have to show us anything anymore. We are already on board with their universe and their characters that we’ll turn up to every movie.

Ben Affleck as Batman

But, believe it or not, DC and Warner Bros haven’t convinced everyone just yet. That’s why we’ve had a few images of Ben Affleck released, that’s why cameos are a plenty and that’s why they’ve laid they’re timeline bare for all the world to see. Their thinking is this: if we show confidence and pride in our properties the fans will also.

For some this philosophy has worked, for others it has not.

I contend that after Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice releases, a film I think will exceed the hype, DC will no longer feel the need to release images and details every other week to wet fan boy appetites. They can just release trailers and posters and films and all will be well and good.

In truth, DC may be showing too much but not as much as you think. It feels like a torrent of information and images because rumour mills feed of the anticipation and in comparison to other studios it seems unnecessary. At the end of the day, DC is showing us just enough to keep us wanting that next piece of information.



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