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Big Hero 6 Review: Take Me To San Fransokyo

Amid a year of lackluster animation, Disney Studios sweeps in to save the year and prove that animation can still be used to tell amazingly emotional, vivid and fun stories in world’s that feel comfortable and tangible.

Set in San Fransokyo, Big Hero 6 follows a young but talented robotics genius Hiro Hamada and his band of equally smart tech nerds as they fight off the seemingly overpowered Kabuki masked man, who just happens to control millions of nanites.

At the heart of the film and indeed the narrative is the relationship Hiro forms with Baymax; a marshmallow shaped health maintenance bot determined to make Hiro as happy and healthy as possible.

Big Hero 6 is essentially the dream that every smart and imaginative child envisions every night. Substitute yourself for Hiro Hamada and your boring place of residence for the bustling and beautiful fusion of San Fransokyo and you find yourself in the world of Big Hero 6.

Spawned after Disney’s acquisition of Marvel Comics, this animated feature is a not so direct adaptation of a comic series by the same name. Like the comic the characters and personalities bounce off the screen and make you laugh terrifically.

Not least belly bursting is the dead pan delivered Baymax, voiced by Scott Adsit. The character itself encapsulates the beauty of the animation genre – comedy for all the family. His stupid and cushy exterior is perfect for hugging young audiences. His slapstick humour is geared for adolescents. And his ‘low battery’ phase is basically a drunkard rolling in home late at night. He sees cats as hairy babies, his whispers are loud and his movements are slurred. The character is absolutely enchanting and loveable and he is the reason the film is as great as it is.

Big Hero 6 promises quality from the Disney name and it lives up to expectations and then some. At some points Big Hero 6 is hindered by a boring villain but its team chemistry, stellar animation and heartfelt narrative smother most deficiencies.

Score – A-


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