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How to train your dragon 2 Review: rip roaring adventure

Film: How to train your dragon 2 – rip roaring adventure

Hiccup and his trustee cat/dog/dragon, Toothless, return to the incredibly beautiful and picturesque world of Berk with another rip roaring adventure, which, although no match for the first installment, swoops in as one of the best animations of 2014.

When DreamWorks Animation announced a bloody How to train your dragon movie, everyone everywhere – well those wearing glasses, hunched over the laptop, scouring popular movie news and reviews sites – perked up and said, “Meh”. It wasn’t exactly a title that harkened optimism or greatness but boy were we wrong.

The titular franchise exploded with gorgeous animated scenery and a genuinely absorbing artistic direction. The bold narrative moves and real life tender analogies explored in the feature were utterly admirable and completely reputable.

The sequel therefore had a lot riding on it (No. I’m not ashamed of the terrible play on words).

Whilst How to train your dragon 2 (HTTYD) fails to grasp the sentiment and familial feeling of its predecessor it still explores startlingly astute family problems – which is, incidentally, a gear in every respected animated machine. HTTYD2 explores abandonment, parental pressure, forgiveness, regret, discovery but it weaves these ideas into a grand tapestry filled with fantastic sprawling mythos, breathtaking sequences and good voice-work.

It does suffer from a lack of villainous antagonism, a hard task in this desensitised age, and once again appears pale in comparison to the giant shadow cast by its forefather but How to train your dragon 2 is a constant hoot nonetheless.

It grabs you by the scruff of your neck, springs you atop a dragon and sends you rollicking through the clouds. It doesn’t want you to stop and question its faults. It simply takes you on Hiccup’s journey – a journey filled with seamlessly timed comic relief, relatable characters and most importantly two heroes, Hiccup and Toothless, that haven’t found their place in the world yet.

This is a film that teaches children a very important lesson; its okay to wake up and not know what the day holds, for it could be the day you find who you really want to be.

Score – B-


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