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Dracula Untold Review: downright boring

The name Dracula comes with a certain reputation. Traditionally it means to strike fear, chills and standing hairs onto our backs and into our nightmares but if Universal continue to have their way, Dracula will be yet another cultural icon thrown into the realm of mediocrity and downright boredom.

Dracula Untold chooses, rather poorly, to tell the story of Vlad The Impaler (Luke Evans) and his fight to keep Transylvanian children from the grasp of the Turkish Sultan (Dominic Cooper).

Not only is the filmmaking ordinary, boring and entirely monotonous, Dracula Untold finds itself committing the ultimate cinema sin – a lack of effort.

Luke Evans, a solid performer of whom I find myself a big fan, is dealt incredibly poor directing and writing cards and visibly folds in the feature.

It’s not as fun as it ought to be, It’s not as scary as it ought to be and it definitely isn’t as entertaining and gripping as it could have been.

Interestingly, there is a foundation and solid undertone to Dracula Untold. The score is commendable, some of the visual scenery os genuinely beautiful and the presence of Charles Dance and Luke Evans is noteworthy in any film – but to take these culinary dishes and piss all over them, ready to serve is not how you make a film – it is, however, how you make a franchise starter, which this is evidently trying to be.

Dracula Untold is bloodsuckingly boring (I won’t apologise for it). It is a mish mash of what studio executives deem to be a serviceable movie. It has no heart, no motive and most importantly no scares. One may find some solace at the bottom of a few beers but even a drunk may see Dracula Untold and want his last 1 hour 30 minutes back.

Score – D+


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