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Is Johnny Depp’s film career over?

Johnny Depp

Following the box office flop of Johnny Depp’s Mortdecai (which follows on from similar flops Transcendence and The Lone Ranger), everyone and their mother is beginning to wonder – is Johnny Depp’s career over?

The simple answer is yes. The man, although a terrific actor and chameleon, has allowed himself to be typecast. And typecast is kryptonite in Hollywood. Granted, he does play the quirky, eccentric Tim Burton character well but we’ve seen it one too many times. Depp needs to offer something else, something old fashioned and something new – not rehashed over the top performances that are 30% make up, 30% costume and 40% effort.

Mortdecai Poster

The alternative is no, his career is far from over. At the end of the day this is Johnny Depp we’re talking about – one of the most recognisable, talented and big names in the business. Regardless of what happens he will continue to get roles but what roles he chooses must change. Gone are the days he plays the drunken uncle. Gone are the days he smiles awkwardly and talks in a high pitch and gone are the days Johnny Depp tries to be a clown.

For all we know, 5 years down the line Mr. Johnny Depp could return in a Matthew McConoughey style renaissance and blow us away. Anyone who says his career is over is lying; they cant see what will happen. For instance there is no way they foresaw The Lego Movie being snubbed at the Oscars, or Tom Hardy dropping out of Suicide Squad, so there is no way they can see Depp shutting up shop.

I never wish ill fate on anyone so I stand behind Depp despite his recent atrocious and boring performances in equally boring movies. The man just needs to find his bearings again. He needs to go back to his routes and show us why he is an amazing actor.


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