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X-Men: Days of Future Past Review: Not as great as everyone claims it to be

Film: X-Men: Days of Future Past – Not as great as everyone claims it to be

Bryan Singer returns to the X-Men universe with what some critics have mistakenly called the best X-Men movie to date. Vaulting the the old X-Men cast into an apocalyptic potential future ravaged by Sentinels allowed for some time bending action, or rather lack thereof, which aimed but failed to eclipse the special feeling felt from X-Men: First Class.

I understand that my opinion on this film is in the minority and granted I’ll probably endure a lot of criticism and hate for my thoughts and rants but it is my personal opinion nonetheless. If you enjoyed the film then that’s great – I’m glad someone had more fun with it than I did.

X-Men: Days of Future Past was a good film with one great moment and never really lived up to my, albeit, high expectations. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are once again central to all that is right and interesting about this X-Men movie but too much talent is wasted focusing the already visited story of Jennifer Lawrence’s boring and whiney Mystique.

For a superhero film, the action and entertainment is paper-thin. In most cases, Michael Bay please take note, less action does often equal more immersion and satisfaction but Days of Future Past took the philosophy too far. It was severely lacking sufficient fulfilling action beats that its numerous trailers promised. It would have sufficed if numerous other beats and transitioning action elevated to be on par with that of the surprisingly good and funny Quicksilver segment, but alas this cannot be equated.

But then I hear you ask ‘ ‘There was no need for action when the story was so relevant and humanising’. Well … No. That would indeed be the case if the story interested me and was new but in truth it is the same moral rhetoric as that of all the past X-Men films – how does someone different fit into a stubborn and ignorant society? We know that the X-Men films are a comment on civil rights movements because, guess what, we’ve seen it all before. Please, Fox, Singer or even Kinberg, give us something more, something new and something exciting again. The X-Men movies kick started the current golden age of comic book movies – don’t fall prey to its conveyor belt mentality.

In conclusion, X-Men: Days of Future Past is not as great as everyone claims it to be. It is a good serviceable superhero film with some commendable performances and one standout scene. But it wastes itself on Lawrence’s contextual popularity and fails to be progressive – a word once relevant but now forgotten when talking about Fox’s X-Men franchise.

Score – C-


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