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Edge of Tomorrow Review: fun and action filled return to form for Cruise

Film: Edge of Tomorrow – fun and action filled return to form for Cruise

Tom Cruise returns to entertaining form as a feeble military PR man forced into fighting hive minded aliens on the beaches of Normandy. After being dejected to the same day over and over again, Cage (Tome Cruise) transforms into a legitimate soldier travelling through a brilliantly crafted yet loopy narrative aided by the brilliant Emily Blunt.

There is a sense of irony that Cage’s war marketing in the feature film was greater, more influential and further reaching than that of Edge of Tomorrow itself. Originally called ‘All you need is kill’ – which, incidentally is a terrific title, Edge of Tomorrow has transformed into a home video hit under the third title ‘Live. Die’ Repeat.’ –yet another terrible title.

Nevertheless, as the studio repeats its past titular mistakes nonsensically, it comes that time to admit that Edge of Tomorrow is a hit not necessarily because of its merits but because of our lack of expectation leading in to it.

The marketing was terrible. Full Stop.. I thought I was going to watch a weird spiritual movie about the meaning of life and the hardships of never dying but what I immersed myself in and enjoyed was a fun ride with really gratifying characters, remarkable action and triumphant leads.

From the inventive and refreshing aliens that don’t fall into the humanoid trap to the fast and brutal kills there is not much to fret about when watching Edge of Tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the main complaint people have about Edge of Tomorrow is the ending, which, to many, doesn’t make sense. But that is precisely why I like it. Its ballsy, it dares to make you angry but wants to provoke a smile from you and you know what? When the music started and Tom Cruise did his crazy scientology smile, I was beaming. Not because of the conclusion, which I adored, but because I had spent my time well.

And what company to revel in – Cruise always manages to morph into someone else on screen despite his huge personality but the standout performance was that of Emily Blunt. She now kicks every other female action star to the curb and rises to the top of every casting directors wish list. It is no wonder that studios and fans alike are casting her as heroines of the future.

Too often you spend 2 hours of you time watching crap that is rehashed, typical and extremely boring. Edge of Tomorrow, pre-watch, was meant to be everything I hate about modern summer releases but it dared to amuse, it dared to induce laughter and most importantly it dared to be fun. What resulted was the best action movie of 2014 with genuine laugh out loud moments and great editing.

I only wish Tom Cruise could start 2014 over again and fire the damn marketing team for their stupid trailer editing and PR decisions.

Score – B+


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