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Thread of Lies: tragic family drama details the fallout of bullying

Han Lee sensibly tackles a problem all too common in every classroom all around the world – bullying. Teeming with great performances, Thread of Lies explores the darkest reaches of the High School social ladder and exposes how naïve and heartless human beings can be.

Although its extremely coincidental characters and plot threads ironically hang together by weak strings, Thread of Lies is a parenting eye opener and a beautiful motion picture.

Quite fittingly and cleverly the film unravels like a ball of yarn. With each scene we learn a little more about the past, the intentions and the lies. Characters who you liked and trusted transpire to be something more and something sinister. But what makes this film better than good is taking characters we hate from the off and then adding a human element to them.

The feature is in fact 15 minutes to long and could have done without the mother’s unwanted romantic relationship sub plot. Fortunately, other subplots work towards the film’s success rather than to its failures.

The parallels between Hwa-Yeon and her mother pay dividend when understanding her intentions and psychology thus the consequences of her actions being offered seemed reasonable to the viewer despite all she has reckoned.

But what really touched me about this film was the emotion displayed by the glum faced Ah In Yoo, who has previously worked with director Han Lee. Despite a diminished amount of screen time, his character is damaged and tragic but at the same time retains and awe of humility, comedy and love. His story precedes that of this film but its scars and effects are felt in Ah In Yoo’s subtle performance.

A friend recommended Thread of Lies to me and it really makes me value my friends more ever before. To young children, as the film states, friends make up half of the world to each other – What would happen then to a child if their friends conspired against them and played with their emotions like it was but a toy? Thread of Lies accurately and realistically documents the fall out of bullying and will make you value your peers that much more.

Score – B+


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