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Guardians of the Galaxy Review: superheroes can have fun

Film – Guardians of the Galaxy – superheroes can have fun

Guardians of the Galaxy, and Marvel in general, teach us that you should never judge a book by its cover. You may have underestimated the fun factor of a machine gun touting raccoon and a monosyllabic talking tree, but leaving the theatre with a smile on your face having been thoroughly entertained by an epic space comedy, full to the brim with dance-offs, laugh out loud moments and a whole new Chris Pratt, is nothing to be scoffed at.

When Marvel announced that they would follow the likes of Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man and all The Avengers with Guardians of the Galaxy, the people replied, ‘Who?’ – well, after grossing over $700 million worldwide, no one is asking ‘Who?’

Although Guardians of the galaxy is a terrific cosmic superhero movie it is unfair to compare it to Star Wars. The two are not of the same breed and only draw similarities because they take place in a familiar galaxy far, far away. Guardians of the Galaxy is more fun, more camp but lacks any sense of impending doom.

Where Star Wars had compelling and genuinely iconic villains and heroes, Guardians of the Galaxy sacrifices one to benefit the other. The rag tag band of heroes thrive and excel in a flurry of comedic set pieces but deter and nullify the fright we should feel towards Ronan The Accuser. In truth, like a lot of Marvel movies, the villain felt like an after thought.

Chris Pratt’s transformation from ‘fatty’ to ‘hottie’ has been well documented but under the oiled abs, Marvel signed him for his charisma and natural comedic timing. Like a young Nathan Fillion, Pratt is a human trampoline as his acting peers find it extremely easy to bounce off of his performance and timing.

There is heart and an attempt at a plot but at the end of the day, this film was about having fun in the cinema. It was about facing your expectations and beating it to the ground. I still contend that Guardians of the Galaxy is not only the best superhero movie of 2014 but also the most fun you’ll have in the cinema in 2014. Yes it can be cheesy, yes it is full of movie tropes and yes it can often be silly but it moves at such a pace and at such a belly-bursting angle that you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride. So much so that one of my annoying friends is obsessed with ‘Rupert Holmes – Escape’. I mean the crazy woman is non-stop singing ‘If you like Pina Colada’. But that’s all she knows, musically uneducated woman.

Guardians of the Galaxy knows what it is; it’s fun, it’s entertaining, it’s hilarious, it’s solid Marvel quality and it just proves that if Marvel can make whatever movie they want. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll see a Squirrel Girl movie?

Score – A-


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