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The LEGO Movie Review: utter joy and satire done right

Film: The LEGO Movie – utter joy and satire done right

Despite what FOX News may tell you, The LEGO Movie isn’t an anti-capitalist look at the sniffling upper classes. In fact, what could have devolved into licensed drivel instead grew to be perfect satire with heart, lightning fast laughs and incredible animation.

There may have been a tendency to avoid The LEGO Movie because, after all, who wants to pay to watch a million dollar advert for some colourful interlocking bricks? Sadly for those with tunnel vision, they missed out on one hell of an animation.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, 21 Jump Street) crafted, with the help of a whole host of celebrity voice cameos, a heartwarming tale about individuality, creativity and finding your place in society.

Traveling at the speed of light, our yellow skinned hero (it’s not racist if it’s LEGO) Emmet dances through the Wild West, cloud cuckoo land and runs rings around Will Ferrell’s President Business.

Filmmakers tasked to work on licensed product tie-ins could have been lazy. They could have been nonchalant and uninteresting. But what Lord, Miller and their talented team of animators did was piece together frames filled with every LEGO block imaginable. In some cases the action became incoherent and extremely overdesigned but for the most part it was a pleasant treat to unravel and snack on.

Songs were made for specific characters, pop culture references were made for all ages and most importantly we had fun watching their finished build.

Ready to spawn an empire of LEGO Movies, sequels and spin-offs, The LEGO Movie showed how adverts are worth paying for, an be potentially award winning and most importantly fun for all ages.

Score – B+


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