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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review: Sony relives past horrors

Film: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Sony relives past horrors

For all the carnage and chaos caused by the monumental Sony hack attack, it can be difficult to comprehend the importance of Spider-man to Sony Pictures Entertainment. They value the Marvel character so highly that they have planned a Sony summit for January in which they will pool all their talent to plan the future of Spider-man.

So why is there all this furor and indecision over Spider-man? That particular blame lies with The Amazing Spider-man 2. After a solid albeit mediocre return to the spider-man franchise with The Amazing Spider-man reboot, Sony were planning the future for years to come. There were talks of villain centric pictures, female led spider-man films, constant mutters of Venom/Carnage and the list goes on and on. But The Amazing Spider-man 2 changed all that.

In truth, the fans and critics do not blame the writers, the actors or the director. Marc Webb, the director, who I think did a better origin story than Sam Raimi, was tasked to direct the film with one hand tied behind his back. You could feel the poisonous tendrils of Sony all over the sequel.

For instance, there was no need for Rhino’s involvement other than to sell toys and set up The Sinister Six. There was no need to waste the Green Goblin because all his scenes where in the trailers. Sony then have relived past horrors by swarming their Spider-man story with far too many villains to seem cohesive.

The saving grace, it seems for this story, was the tangible and heartfelt relationship between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey that is so brilliantly played by real life couple Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. Their witty yet awkward back-and-forths were highlights of the first feature and the only shining light in this disjointed and trope filled superhero movie.

And as is so often with intense action films there is a tendency to overdo the visual effects to a point where The Amazing Spider-man video game looks better and more realistic next to the motion picture. The fact that Electro moves to the sound of diegetic dubstep didn’t help the film either.

Drastically changed from script to trailer to final product, The Amazing Spider-man 2 embodies all that is wrong with Hollywood studio culture. Instead of focusing on what they did right, i.e. Peter Parker, Gwen Stacey and Aunt May, they forced triangle blocks in square holes and were surprised when it did not fit.

Score – C-


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