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Captain America The Winter Soldier Review: Takes superhero genre to next level

Film: Captain America The Winter Soldier – Takes superhero genre to next level

Steve Rogers returns to lead his own franchise literally out of the 1900s into the 21st century. Gone are the extremely cheesy and laughable ‘Murrica’ moments and in is a superhero movie with espionage undertones and legitimately solid social commentary peppered with shared universe implications.

Whilst Captain America: The Winter Soldier has an elongated and frankly CGI heavy finale, but who doesn’t these days, it still remains one of the best superhero movies of last years. Better than X-Men: Days of Future Past but falling behind to the surprising Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America dared to be something different.

Steve Rogers, a man out of time, highlighted and perplexed at the notion of 24/7 security cameras and lack of privacy in this digital age. It may not have wanted to but it ended up being somewhat reflective of senseless shootings in America as well as corporations being hacked. Cough Sony Cough.

There was genuine spy genre infiltration and damn good action and a lot of the credit has to go to Joe and Anthony Russo, who served as directors. In fact, Marvel are said to be so pleased with their efforts and their potential that not only will they direct Captain America: Civil War but will also lend their talents to the 3rd and 4th Avengers sequels.

They managed to deliver terrific set piece after set piece. Black Widow was the best she had ever been. Nick Fury was the best he had ever been. Captain America was an actual hero rather than a soldier with patriotic intentions and they went and gave us Falcon to boot.

Established critics may still quaff at the superhero genre but features like this show that not only are heroes gaining some respect they are getting some attention. Competing studios will step up their game as we become accustomed to a certain level of quality and if they succeed then, for once, everybody wins.

Don’t be put off by his rather camp and boring first outing as The First Avenger because everybody’s favourite Brooklyn superhero is back to smash walls down with his vibranium shield and show audiences all over the world that the genre is so good that even Robert Redford wants a role. Who next? Michael Douglas? Oh wait isn’t he in Ant-Man? Well here comes another Marvel success story.

Score – B+


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