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The glass is half full after all

Poem: The glass is half full after all

This past year has flown by eerily fast

Precious moments zoom by and never seem to last

As always, I’ve made new friends and lost old friends

Never a surprise really as friends eventually end

But lets try and avoid the pesky sadness

Instead focus on the good and overwhelming happiness

Like a journey, I’ve travelled up and down

Making lifelong relationships safe and sound

There are some people I never ever would have spoken to

They play such a big role now they have no clue

Experiences and adventures I will never forget

Decisions made in the moment with no haunting regret

Actually, I kid, I have but one regret

I didn’t fully savour the laughs and joys I felt

But rarely has a year gone by where I end with a smile

A year spent where I loved being alive

And as always the little things stack up

Gone was the bad and in was the good luck

As The Doctor always says: life is a pile of good things and bad things

This year the good things loomed over the underlings

It is easy to focus on the evil undertones and unravel

But really if you look the glass is half full after all

I can look at the trails and tribulations

But why not look at the positive permutations

I have bounced back from troubling times

And no matter the future I will endure the climb


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