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One month that ices every year

There are best friends who become family

Who you welcome to Christmas dinner with utter glee

It is the time of Christmas and jolly cheer

That one month that ices every great year

In a month of giving and goodwill it’s good to show you care

If you hold grudges, never is there a better time to repair

Yes the idea of Christmas cheer may be arbitrary

But you can’t deny the happiness oozing from under the tree

For once the cold weather is welcome

Instead of being a scrooge get up and carpe diem

Take your kids or your friends for a day out

Ice skating, snow fighting or even a simple walk about

If that isn’t your to your fancy, you’re favourite films just happen to be on

The Grinch, Jingle all the way and Home Alone

Grab a jumper, a hot chocolate and all the family

Lean back and enjoy the Christmas classic company

Then enjoy the evening snuggling in front of a fire

After all, tomorrow, the walk to work is harmonised by choirs

For folks who’ve had a cake of a sublime year

The icing will be the month of Christmas cheer

Whatever you may open on Christmas day

Disappointing or perfect just cherish the holiday

December is that one-month that ices every year

Then we look forward to the months end and another terrific year



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