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Remember the euphoric win

Everyone endures a bad period

The problems and faults fall on your head

When the exit seems easier than the journey

You turn away, adamant that you need only flee

To relax, to gain peace and understanding

All tribulations are over as you weep, surrendering

Often then travellers reach a low, a nadir

They then realise that they actually liked living on the frontier

Forever on the edge and always in flux

Staring opposition in the eye ‘cos you have the bollocks

To fight, overcome and be happy

Is to look fear in the eye and remain cheery

Problems and fright lose all power

You find them laughable and they begin to cower

Scary walls are made to be knocked through

You’ll climb on over to a land anew

A land where smiles and laughter is aplenty

When all deadlines and work seem a distant memory

The world is full of good things and bad things

But you need the bad things to appreciate what good brings

It can be difficult to see this in a time of need

In fact I struggled, sobbed and worried

Would the bad times end and the good times come?

Would I regain emotion and stop feeling so numb?

The answer is yes. Every problem seems insurmountable

But step back, take a deep breath and it all becomes trivial

Remember how easy it to ride a bike

Remember how easy it is to work with someone you dislike

Remember how easy it is to swim

Remember the euphoric win


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