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Treading on toes

There’s one thing I’m very afraid of

It isn’t monsters, death or even love

It isn’t heights, spiders or freak shows

It’s embarrassingly treading on toes

As you step on the deck of life

The voyage ahead is laced with waves of strife

They crash, erode and topple you

The voyage of life is difficult to pass through

Everyone is a potential friend and ally

But it is very difficult to appease without running dry

Treading on toes is always a problem

Everything you say seems to offend them

I hate offending people by accident

It turns you around and ruins time well spent

But for new relationships to succeed

There is only one way to proceed

They’re just as clueless as you are

So buckle under and open you narrow corridors

Let them in to your personality to explore

Perhaps they will do the same

And you’ll finally know more than just their name

Toes are meant to be tread on

But recover and adapt. Show some brawn.

It may be a fear and it may be cliché

But get over it and it all becomes child’s play

Because if you overcome it, you no longer fear it

And if you don’t fear it, it can no longer restrict.


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