Poem: Actual Superheroes


They fly off the screen and into our imagination

Powered by magic and comic book experimentation

They grab you and pull you into their universe

Escaping you from your bleak and rampant future

Superheroes exist, but not in the conventional way

There are those that fly off the pages and those from day to day

Some come to you in films, comics or pictures

Others come to you in life, friends and familial structures

Some look dark and brooding hidden in the darkness

Others are kind, always there and selfless

Some fly from the heavens, skin made of steel

Others brought you into this world and aid in any ordeal

Some are billionaires, playboys and philanthropists

Others are bothers, sisters and optimists

Some are kind one moment and next angry and green

Whatever the case, fiction is never as real as it seems

We have heroes for the screen and book

But if we want real inspiration we need only look

In the right place we can find all the values we adore

They don’t need strength, flight or speed to be something more

They need only be a shoulder, a rock a friend

Actual superheroes exist and may they never end

Twitter – @NasimNasAli


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