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Uneducated Masses

I see it everywhere I surf and go

Masses and masses claiming they know

Claiming they have the context to comment

While all the time they sit back and sprout streams of nonsense

There are people that live to anger you

Armies of trolls trained to turn the screw

Absent of skill and lacking remorse

They have one attribute, to annoy with full force

They hide behind an Internet username

For anonymity and to avoid blame

They think they’re funny comedians

Never realising they’re hurting other human beings

Because not everyone’s a faceless commenter

Some people love and share like a caring commoner

The uneducated rude masses attack and bully

No harm done they say, remember it forgetfully

You’re supposed to take it and stop what you’re doing

Because their opinions final and overruling

Every now and again you get a nice one

Someone helping with a well done

They give advice to grow, flourish and improve

To move on, better and find a groove

Uneducated masses are always going to be there

Its nice to know there exists masses that are kind and fair

Because you don’t need to be kicked while your down

You need a helping hand to assist in a rebound

So don’t be a faceless uneducated hater

Step up, comment and be an educator


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