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Family and Friends will eliminate all strife

Family and Friends will eliminate all Strife

Being born first and growing older

Starting timid and small, blossoming bigger and bolder

Clasping a thumb and screaming my first word

The whole world in front of me seemed blurred

But don’t fret or cry, they have such plans for me

Knew what I’d be and what would happen to me

I was the first. The oldest

Nurtured to be the wisest

Fast-forward to present day

And I remain as influenced and malleable as clay

My stance is ever changing, ever evolving

Now I am big and bold, but I’m not done developing

Aunties and Uncles are teachers and trainers

Because of family I have multiple mothers and fathers

Calls late in the evening for gratitude

Calls answered with a helpful attitude

Glad to help and see my cousins grow

Tie their presents and gifts in nurturing bows

It is a joy to see family love and care

It shows you the world isn’t evil, it can be fair

You have to let them in to impact your life

Family and friends will eliminate all strife

They will garner happiness and excellence

Boredom replaced by sophistication and eloquence

Some people really do vex and worry

They show that with words and a lack of hurry

They take time out of their lives for you

Show that everything will get better and eventually break through

It isn’t so much that family and friends are conventional

They are great, utterly valuable and abundantly essential


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