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Following Society’s Way

Following Society’s Way

From womb to tomb we follow society’s way

Moulded and ushered like biblical clay

Stereotypes are real and fulfilled

Transgressors are shunned and killed

No room for imagination and experimentation

Just the given way and expectation

You must go to school and learn a profession

Day after day, lesson after lesson

You must get a job and gain experience

Education and experience: the route to affluence

You have to go to university

Despite the stupendous fee

You have to work hard and graft

Be a doctor, a lawyer and stay away from arts and craft

I’ve come to realise that society’s way isn’t final

If anything it’s backwards, old fashioned and tribal

Don’t follow the congested and much travelled road

Forge a new route and break the restrictive code

Don’t go to university and bore yourself in lectures

Stand up and shoot off in exciting life vectors

Know this. Society’s way is an illusion

Find another way and write a personal conclusion


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