Why does the world want to scare us?

I ask myself this question every day. Is it just me who suffers from the ever present ether of terror and imminent doom or is it a more substantial and large atmosphere that plagues us all?

From Ebola to ISIS, from Independence to Climate Change, news and social networking has us by the scruffs of our necks. Not only are we being cowered into a corner of squinting and anxiety, we are enjoying it. We love to be scared. We love to have the calm and consolidated equilibrium of our day-to-day lives disrupted because it’s exciting. Because it gives us something to talk about, debate about and bring up around the water cooler. In essence, it eradicates the need for any bouts of awkward silence.

Like something out of a zombie apocalypse video game or movie, Ebola is breaking out of Africa and stretching its contagious tendrils on the Western world. We are being told, by the hour, that we are not safe, that we need to fear the airports and avoid contact with anyone returning from Africa. We have set up checkpoints at airports, which are now being ridiculed for a lax set of rules and check up routines. No matter how refined the checks become, no matter how many precautions we place against the spreading of Ebola, we will always find something to be afraid of, something to complain about. We are after all British and human. It’s a recipe for anxiety.

ISIS is slowly but surely making their way through bordering cities and towns, whilst altogether pointing their blood soaked fingers at us. Westerners. We’re next they tell us. But we, yes all of us, should take the lead of The Independent and their respectful and utterly commendable front cover which stood up to the killers and villains that call themselves fighters of good and god. They do not deserve propaganda. They do not have the right to make us scared and we should not allow ourselves to be. But there we have it again; the world wants us to be scared. Almost as though, in a flight of terror, we will return to our work faster, be more efficient and be a more obedient citizen.

People are entitled to be scared. They can worry about ISIS at the doorstep, sea levels rising and flooding through the door, even UKIP gaining majority in the local area but being a person with a calm and calculated attitude I find that if you do some research, some detailed revision, you will find that all scare news is just that; we are being given one aspect of the news. We don’t have to cower behind the terror but rather stand up and show them that we aren’t afraid of them.


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