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The Art Of Stress

The Art of Stress

You sit there, neck aching from a hidden pain

Your fingernails become increasingly scrumptious

Biting, chewing, gnawing with intent to maim

Stress is one illness that taints everyone regardless

It engulfs you before you close your eyes for rest

There is always something to worry about

A task to complete with vigour and zest

Ideas to jot down and fester like gout

Stress is a natural caffeinate

That half full glass transpires to be half empty

All that was right is disproportionate

It’s you against the world.

No one at your side

Except the creatures of the night

Deadlines come crashing toward

Everyone becomes frustratingly forward

That god awful sound of grinding teeth fills the room

No one else matters, as the night looms

Your bones begin to ache and crack

Your head and mind fazes, rushes and lacks

There is an art in dealing with stress

Whether it’s finding that one person to relax on

Whether it’s transporting to an ether of peace

Or even escaping to a fantasy world to release

There is an art to pain, endurance and stress

Pain, commences to cluster

Endurance, difficult to muster

Stress, arduous to master


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