Who cares about the rest of the universe?

At the crack of sunlight, the rays burst through the heated sand particles now glass and flash down on the white cotton and fabric covering and looming over the muscle and bone that lay below. The man, asleep, whoever he may be, rises from his slumber at minute speed so to avoid an aching head rush. His rotary and sensory movements begin to initiate and motor. His eyes slowly creep open as if they have lain closed for an eternity. Waking up, it seems, is natural but one that we would rather like to avoid. The musky and sticky residue left from a nightlong hibernation at the corner of ones eyes if scrounged away, whilst the eyes adjust to light from dark. The upper body is up now. Up well above and ready than that of the lower body. Toes begin to wiggle. Hairs begin to stand on end as the cold room is felt on the bare skin. Mouth opens large as a yawn comes, ironically, after a good night’s sleep. The duvet, the ghost protector, comes flying off with vigour and enthusiasm.

“Would that this enthusiasm be natural and transferable to all days, especially Mondays”

That’s when you feel the full brunt of something everyone loves and hates. The sun on our skin telling us that we are alive. The cold on body telling us it is morning and that a long and arduous day is ahead. Then you realise that despite sitting in a small room, in a small house, in a small town, there are two ways of looking at the current situation.

The half empty and much preferred manner is that we are inconsequential in the grand scheme of the ever-expanding vast and catastrophic universe. The small room is nothing compared to the small house. The small house is laughable to the small town. The small town is but a dot in the small city. The city would rather be ignored by the country, which in turn is shunned by the continent and the world. The world? Please, that does not even register in the solar system, the galaxy, the universal sector, the universe and life, as we know it.

“We aren’t even a grain of salt, a grain of dust at the bottom of the biological ladder figuring a way to scurry around our day-to-day lives”

The half full and personal manner is that if we do not matter in the grand scheme of action and reaction then we can and should be free to do whatever we want. Whatever we desire. And whatever happens is inconsequential. Make your mark. No matter how small, no matter how large. It is consequential to you.

“Who cares about the rest of the universe?”


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